January Book Haul (I think I bought too many)

January seemed to be a month where there were some great deals and I just couldn’t resist buying some more books and completing a few series. There were a couple of new releases that I got my hands on as well and while I haven’t read all of them yet, I will be soon.

In total, I think I bought 10 books, which definitely seems like a lot to me, and I was also approved for 3 on NetGalley, one of which I have now read and reviewed. But after two months of receiving a lot of books I think that it is time I put a book buying ban into place for February (let’s take bets on how long that lasts).

My Haul…


A Court of Thorns and Roses

A Court of Mist and Fury

A Court of Wings and Ruin (all by Sarah, J Maas)

What do you do when every book in the series is under a fiver? You buy them all of course!


Zenith by Sasha Alsberg and Lindsay Cummings

Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas

Tower of Dawn by Sarah J. Maas

I think you can tell who my favourite author is…


The Cruel Prince by Holly Black

So, these were all the physical books that I bought and after buying The Cruel Prince in hardback I was definitely reminded of why I love them so much. Now I’m buying all the new books in hardback.

Kindle Books…

The Young Queens by Kendare Blake

Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman

This Savage Song by V. E. Schwab

Books From NetGalley…

The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton

The Hazel Wood by Melissa Albert

To Kill a Kingdom by Alexandra Christo


As you can see, there are some pretty amazing books in this haul and I cannot wait to read them all. If only I could skimp on the sleep and stay up all night reading. I would definitely choose that as my superpower.

What books did you get in the month of January?

Wrapping Up The Week (15th January – 21st January)

Well, that week just flew by. I suppose it’s because I was looking forward to heading to Nottingham yesterday for a short break with my boyfriend and to do some shopping. It has been a fairly relaxing weekend overall and I can’t believe that soon January will be over and done with. But I’m not too sad because I can’t wait for the next few months (mainly because of the incredible books coming out).

I think it was a pretty good week for reading as I finally finished one book and I am so close to finishing The Belles, with 75% read already. I wouldn’t be surprised if I finished it tonight.

Books I read and reviewed…


I finally finished reading Heir of Fire, which took me over a week to finish. I feel that it took me so long because there is so much detail and I was savouring every part. There were so many aspects that I loved about this book, too many to talk about if I’m honest. The third instalment is incredible and you can check out my review here.

I am currently reading…

the belles

As mentioned above, I am still reading The Belles by Dhonielle Clayton, which I am almost finished with. This book is magical, the descriptive writing is incredible and I love the world she has created. Honestly, this book has been a dream to read, but there is a dark side and it really makes you question beauty and what it can cost. How many of us would change the way we look if we could? I can’t wait to read the last quarter and to find out what happens.

Posts from the week…

Top Ten Tuesday: My bookish Resolutions For 2018

Being Nominated For The Liebster Award

Unfortunately I didn’t get to blog as much this week, but I have something planned for the upcoming week that I hope you will all enjoy.


Finally it is all starting to come together. I managed to write another 5,000 words this week and will probably write more as I haven’t gotten around to doing any today. I managed to come up with some new ideas for my story and it is helping to shape the world I have created. There are Gods, Goddesses, warriors that they created and political drama (which will begin to trickle in soon).

I am so excited to get writing the second half of this book. I can see it all playing out in my head, it’s just a little frustrating that my fingers can’t type faster.

Other Fun Stuff…

This weekend we went shopping and honestly, is there anything better? I can’t say too much about what we went there for as all will be revealed soon, but we also had some great food and chilled out in our hotel afterwards as it was raining the whole time.


So, that was my week! Not too eventful but I am loving how quickly work is flying by. Already I’ve been at my new job for over a month and it’s great. I hope your week was a great one and you read some amazing books.

Day Out In Dublin & An Irish Wedding

The last couple of days have been super busy, but a great way to round off the year. On Thursday my sister, my boyfriend and myself arrived in Ireland to visit my dad and family. Since then it has been nonstop, although I wouldn’t have it any other way. While we didn’t do much on the Thursday (we saw The Last Jedi), Friday and Saturday were jam packed.

While I’ve been to Dublin many times, I had never seen the Christmas lights so of course we headed out to see them (and spend some money, too). All in all, we spent six hours walking around the shops (yes, I was moaning near the end because my feet hurt) and grabbing a bite to eat at The Hard Rock Cafe. Apart from my boyfriend, we had eaten there before and it was a great treat, so here’s a few photos of what we got.

That platter and burger was as good as it looks and the cocktail was surprisingly strong. After that we spent the next few hours looking around the shops, navigating the streets and spending the Christmas money that my family gifted me. Of course, I bought myself some new makeup bits and I finally got to try macaroons!

Yesterday, the time came to celebrate my cousin Eoghan and Olivia’s wedding day. It was a wonderful day that started with the church service at half 12 and carried on at the reception in one of the nicest hotels I’ve been in. The set up for the evening meal was gorgeous (I’ll put some photos in) and the food was delicious. I especially loved the glittering dance floor and the Mr & Mrs light up sign. There was also a photo booth that everyone flocked to, to take silly photos.

There were four courses altogether (I forgot to take a picture of the soup), but it was all so good! The servers were amazing, always bringing out the food quickly and you were given a choice of chicken or beef for the main, and either black forest gateau or baked Alaska for dessert.

It was a great evening full of laughter, drinking, dancing and singing. Also, it was the first wedding my boyfriend and I had been to together so that was also pretty special (we were also asked when it would be our turn, still a while to go).


When was the last time you went to a wedding? I hope you’re all having a great New Years’ Eve and are looking forward to 2018!