Sherwood Forest: The Home Of Robin Hood


As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my dad was over visiting for the weekend and on the Saturday we decided to take a little road trip to Sherwood Forest. If nobody knows what that is, it is a royal forest in Nottinghamshire that is said to be where Robin Hood lived. It total it covers 1,045 acres and is full of wildlife such as deer, rabbits and a variety of bird breeds (not that we saw any of them in the cold weather).

I’ve been a few times in the past, but my dad and boyfriend had never been themselves. We’d chosen the perfect day with the sun shining (although it was a little chilly in places so coats were needed). Autumn may be coming to an end, but the red and orange leaves were still hanging onto the branches and we crunched our way through the fallen ones. It was a perfect afternoon out and the pictures don’t do it justice. We said that next time we would come in summer, when the weather would be warmer and it would be perfect for a picnic on one of the many benches dotted about.

Of course, we had to show them the infamous Major Oak, which, according to folklore, was Robin Hood’s infamous hideout. People have assumed that it’s age is between 800 to 1000 years old which is crazy when you think about it. It’s even more amazing to see in person. Unfortunately, because it is so old, it needs to be supported by metal rods to keep it upright, which you can see in the photo. My mum told me that when she was young there were no barriers to keep you away and people where able to take picture within the tree through a little slot. Of course, you’d have to be small enough to fit through.


After we were done walking through the trees and enjoying the fresh air, we stopped in the cafe to have a bit to eat and relax. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and it was great to show my dad something new. While Ireland has it’s own famous places such as Newgrange (definitely worth visiting if you’re visiting) and The Giant’s Causeway, he hasn’t seen many from where we live up North.


What has been the best place you’ve visited recently?

Falling In Love With Autumn


Autumn has always been my favourite season and each year it seems I find more reasons to fall in love with it. Something about the crisp, fresh mornings and the shorter days makes all the other seasons pale in comparison. As the leaves change to vibrant oranges and reds, falling to the floor only to be crushed beneath feet, I find myself wishing it could always stay like this.

There are so many things to love about this time of year. Not only are all our favourite TV shows back on our screens (I personally cannot wait for Riverdale and The Originals), but there is no better time to wrap up in a blanket and sink into the world of a book.

A few years ago you would find me constantly reading, with about two hundred books on my shelves, but unfortunately life gets in the way. Until recently, the last time I had picked up a book was nearly a year and a half ago! The decision to begin reading more again was mostly due to the fact that I want to become an author, but that is a story for another blog post.

With Autumn, comes the great Pumpkin Spice Latte, and as common as it sounds, it is honestly my favourite drink. That, and a delicious hot chocolate with little marshmallows floating on top. Autumn and Winter are perfect for settling in for the night with a movie and a bag of popcorn. As we are in October it is time to bring out the oldies such as Hocus Pocus, Halloween Town and, if you prefer something a little scarier, Friday the 13th (which just so happens to be a week on Friday).

Sometimes, when you manage to find a day where it isn’t raining, there is nothing better than going for a long stroll in the park. Wrapping up in a cosy jumper and my favourite checked scarf, my sister and I would go around collecting conkers to place by the windows. If you didn’t know already, they are great at stopping spiders from coming inside and with the amount we’ve already had invading, we definitely need it.

Of course, there are many more things I love about this time of year but these are just a few. Let me know in the comments what some of yours are!