Having A Huge Book Clear Out


After having moved out of my mum’s house a while ago and then moving back in recently to save for some money, I decided it was time to sort through all the books I had packed away in the garage. My decision to get back into reading and blogging spurred me on to look at all the books I had accumulated and decide if I really wanted to keep them all. Did I even need them all?

The answer to that question was no and as I stared at hundreds of books dotted on my floor, I knew it was going to be hard. I had no idea how hard though, because it was bloody tough! At the moment I only have one shelving unit to put my books on until I buy another and only being able to have so many meant I have to de-clutter.

Some were relatively easy to get rid of, such as those that I had bought years ago and when I read the blurb had no desire to read. I knew that someone else might feel differently so I added them to the charity bag. Others were because I had read the first book, disliked it, but had unfortunately bought more in the series (always a bad mistake, you should always wait to see if you like the first).

When it came to making a decision on what series to keep, I went with the ones that I had loved the most. Even though I don’t read them now, I had to keep the House Of Night series (for nostalgia), all the hardbacks I had bought (because they look gorgeous on my shelf) and there are a few that I want to re-read such as The Iron Fey series (because I can’t remember them now).

I know what you’re all thinking, how can I just get rid of them? My thinking is that if I am never going to read them, then what is the point in having them on my shelf? I let my sister have a browse to see if she wanted any of them and the rest will be sent to different charity stores. Not enough people read and if they can pick up a new book for cheap then why not help that happen?

I must say that my book shelf is looking lovely now, that much better that I might even consider showing it off in a blog post soon. Especially after Christmas when I can buy so many more (and a new shelving unit too)!


When was the last time you unhauled a load of books from your life?