WWW Wednesday – My New Favourite Series

WWW Wednesday was originally hosted by A Daily Rhythm, and was taken over by Taking on a World of Words.

This post is a little late as I was out walking around my village (I’m trying to get back into exercising regularly) but I am so excited about the books I’ve been reading at the moment. I am pretty sure that I have a new favourite series right now and I am wishing I had picked it up sooner.

Also, as well as doing a lot of reading, I am back editing! In the last two days I have written nearly 3,000 words on my second draft and I am pushing past the doubts that I won’t be able to work my way through the novel. It was so daunting looking at all the words and trying to wrap my head around all the things I have to change, but I figured it would be best to just dive into it. It’s working out pretty well.

What Are You Currently Reading?

gathering darkness

This series is everything! The books just keep getting better as I go along and I am genuinely sad that I won’t be able to buy the next three until I get paid at the end of the month. I am 70% of the way through Gathering Darkness and it is so good! The plot keeps thickening and the plot twists just keep coming at me. I am obsessed with the characters and love how there are so many perspectives to tell the story from. I can’t wait to see how this instalment ends.

What Did You Recently Finish Reading?

rebel spring

Like I said, I’m obsessed with the series and as soon as I finished Rebel Spring I knew I had to read the next one. I still have to write my review as I’m a little bit behind but I can’t wait to let you all know what I thought of it. The stakes are so high with this series and you never know what is going to happen next, which is my favourite part of the story.

What Do You Think You’ll Read Next?


As I don’t have Frozen Tides yet, I figured it would be best to pick up Scythe considering how many good things I’ve heard about it. I am praying that I really enjoy it because I know it’s sci-fi and that isn’t my favourite genre, but I’m giving it a go. Plus, the synopsis sounded incredible and such a unique idea, and I love the cover too.


That’s a pretty good set of books, but I know that if I had the rest of the Falling Kingdoms series then I would be binge reading them.

What book are you currently reading?

6 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday – My New Favourite Series

  1. Based off this, I think I’m definitely going to have to pick up Falling Kingdoms now, I haven’t felt that way about a series since The Gentleman Bastard Sequence by Scott Lynch and I can’t buy the next books because he still hasn’t released them 😭 Can’t wait to hear your thoughts on Scythe! It’s on my list and I’m optimistic but I also love Sci-Fi so I’ll likely be disappointed if it’s not so good.

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  2. I am so happy that you think the Falling Kingdoms series is everything. It really is! It forever has my heart. I can’t wait for you to keep reading. There is seriously so many twists and turns! Can’t wait to see what you think of Scythe. I’ve been really wanting to read that one.

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    1. I finished Gathering Darkness last night and the ending was so good, I just wish I had the next one 😭 there’s already so many plot twists so I can’t wait! I’ll be starting Scythe tonight and hoping I can read it in one weekend!

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