Wrapping Up The Week (16th April – 22nd April)

This week is a different kind of weekly wrap up. You may have noticed that I haven’t blogged much this week and trust me, I would have loved to have been able to. Unfortunately, my time was taken up with packing, organising and moving to a new house, which happened on Friday. It has been a hectic weekend, one that I spent unpacking everything as quickly as I could and DIYing furniture. I wanted to make it as homely as possible and I think I have succeeded. Also, we have a balcony, which is the coolest thing ever!


It’s a strange layout, with the bedroom and bathroom downstairs, and an open plan kitchen and living room upstairs, but I kinda like how unconventional it is.


We don’t have the sofa yet, so we are currently sitting on lawn chairs (how luxurious), but I have my bookshelf up and the bedroom sorted so I am happy. Although, we have a while to wait until the broadband gets set up and we have internet again. The first of May seems so far away, but until then I can piggyback off of my mobile data (I have more than enough with 24GB when it renews on the 16th).

It’s strange moving out of my mum’s house. I keep expecting to run into her or to go down and have a little chat with my sister. I am definitely missing Willow, the crazy and demonic staffie, who is a sweetie really. It’ll take a little while to adjust, but I’m looking forward to the independence that is having my own place. Not looking forward to all the bills though.

In terms of reading, I haven’t done a lot. I’ve been way too tired. So tired, in fact, that when I settled down to read yesterday I ended up falling asleep! I have a bit more energy tonight, so I am hoping to maybe finish The Smoke Thieves by Sally Green.


I am loving it so far and have read just over 60%. The characters are all unique, the dialogue great (and very funny in places) and I love how each chapter is from one of the five (I think) perspectives. Already I am seeing how their stories are weaving together, with characters crossing paths, and I can’t wait to see how the story progresses.

I hope that over the next week I can get back into a routine now that we’ve moved, and I will be back with my regular posts. Also, I hope to finish another two books to hit five books for the month of April. If I can get to six, then I will be even happier!


I hope you’ve all had an amazing week and read some great books!

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