Our Trip To A Wildlife Park

At the weekend my boyfriend and I decided to take a trip to Woodside Wildlife Park near our home town of Lincoln. Almost three and a half years ago we visited the same park, having only been together a few months at the time, and I had such fond memories. So we figured, why not go again?

I’ll be honest, we didn’t choose the best day to go as it started raining while we were there (and I didn’t wear my thick coat so my lips turned blue from the cold) but it was enjoyable. We got to walk around and see all the different animals, tried to communicate with the Lynx (we saw a video on YouTube about making friendly noises to tigers and figured it would be worth a try) and made friends with a cute deer called Fawn. She was abandoned when she was a baby and was raised at the park, so she’s extremely friendly with people.

When we got to the park we were greeted by a parrot that squawked every so often, and in the distance we could hear the howling of the wolves and their loud barks, with a growl thrown in every so often. Once we had made our way around we saw that they were playing with each other, one sneaking up on the other, all the while a lone wolf sat above the others, looking over them all.

There were a range of cats are the park, but unfortunately I didn’t manage to get a very good picture of the tiger as she kept moving too much. However, the lynx was very inquisitive of the people walking by and she kept coming up to the fence, as you can see below. As well as this, there was one that was more cat like than any of the others and was the size of the average household breed.

I know that not a lot of people agree with what zoos do, and in some instance I don’t. However, all of the animals at Woodside were rescued, their latest was a tiger from a circus in Europe, but there are also foxes, racoons and even some rats that take part in the Amazing Animal show.

We’ve already decided that we are going to go back in the summer, when the weather isn’t as cold, and check out the butterflies that are in the green houses.


Every so often I like doing a blog post that isn’t book or writing related (although those are a big part of my life) because I don’t always stay indoors all the time. We’re hoping to head to Ireland in the summer and visit Dublin Zoo if the weather is good.

When was the last time you went to a zoo or wildlife park?

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