Being Nominated For The Liebster Award

liebster award

This is the second time I have been nominated for an award and I was so surprised when this came through. Thank you to Larissa over at Book Bosomed Blonde for putting me forward. She has a great blog, so you should definitely check that out. She came up with some great questions that I can’t wait to answer below.

1. Story behind your blog name?

Believe it or not, it took me ages to come up with a good blog name. I wanted something that summed me up perfectly and I had a list of about 30 names. Daydreaming Roux was born from my love of daydreaming (obviously) because I would always be that person gazing out of the window or thinking about something other than the task at hand. It is also derived from my love of France, a country I have been to many times, and that is where Roux came from. The french word for redhead.

2. What is one of your favourite blogs? Share the love!

I love reading blog posts from The Well-Thumbed Reader. They are always so entertaining, funny (I literally laugh out loud) and I always find myself reading her blog when it pops up on my notifications. If you haven’t followed her already, you definitely need to.

3. Would you like to become an author, if so what genre would you write about?

I’ve only wanted to become an author since I was 14/15 years old (I’m now 21)! In that time I have written and completed 3 novels (although I never edited them) and they were Paranormal YA. However, I am now working on my latest WIP which is Fantasy with a MC that is 21, almost 22, so I’m not sure if it’s YA or New Adult yet. I tend to write what I’m reading and at the moment it’s all about Fantasy.

4. A book you’re most excited to FINALLY get to this year.

I finally have the Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo and I can’t wait to dig into it! I hear everyone raving about the series and how much they love it, so I can only hope that I will as well.

5. If you could choose one book being released in 2018 to get for free, what would it be?

That’s a tough one because there are so many incredible books coming out this year! I would say the one I am most excited about is Furyborn by Claire Legrand. It sounds as if it is going to be an incredible, dark YA Fantasy and if I could have it for free then that would be lovely.

6. What book world would you most like to be transported to?

Ugh, this is a tough one. There are so many amazing worlds, especially in some of my most recent reads. I think that I would really like to visit the world of A Darker Shade of Magic by V. E. Schwab. I think being able to travel between multiple worlds and discover them would be incredible, if not a little dangerous (we like a bit of danger).

7. Favourite female character?

Again, another tough question, but one I think has an easy answer because she is from the most recent series I am reading and it is none other than Celaena Sardothien. Let’s face it, she’s a badass, incredibly skilled and witty. She can stand on her own two feet and what more could you want than that? She is also extremely likeable and I connected with her instantly.

8. Favourite male character?

I really had to think about this one because I haven’t read many novels lately where the male character stands out to me. I would love to say one of the characters I’ve written into my own novel, but I can’t do that. Instead, I am going to settle on Kell from A Darker Shade of Magic. He had a great voice, was mysterious and his interactions with Lila were what sold it for me.

9. Short term goal for the year?

I think my short term goal will be to finish my novel and with 65,000 words currently, I’m sure I’ll be finished before half of the year goes by. Then it’s onto editing and we all know how difficult that can be.

10. Long term goal?

I don’t find it easy to think of long term goals as I’m one of these people who kind of wing it and only plan a few months in advance. I would like to have saved more money this year, so I guess that counts as long term. I’ll have to review this when we reach the end of December.

11. One weird thing about you.

I would like to say that I’m not weird, but I’m sure my family would disagree. I suppose I have some weird habits when it comes to food, for example I have to eat the crust of a pizza slice before the cheesy parts (save the best til last) and I like putting my curry and rice inside the naan bread so it makes a sandwich. I suppose those are slightly weird things.


I am choosing to nominate:

Heather @ The Sassy Book Geek

Kristi @ Confession of a YA Reader

YA On My Mind

Ashley @ Socially Awkward Bookworm

My questions to you are:

1. If you could choose one series to read for the rest of your life, what would it be?

2. What is your favourite genre to read?

3. Who is your all time favourite main character?

4. Which do you prefer: sweet or savoury?

5. Who was your first book crush?

6. Which book world would you choose to live in forever?

7. If you could choose 3 book characters to be your best friends, who would they be?

8. Apart from reading, what else do you love to do?

9. Who is your favourite author and why?

10. What book have you loved that you read recently?

11. Finally, which series are you most looking forward to continuing in 2018?

I hope you enjoy answering these questions!

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