Visiting the Kitty Cafe in Nottingham

For mine and my boyfriend’s 3rd anniversary we decided to head to Nottingham for a long weekend. We live about an hour away so the drive there wasn’t too bad and our first stop when we arrived was to visit the amazing Kitty Cafe. If you haven’t heard about or been to this cafe then you definitely need to check it out (especially if you’re a cat lover).

The Kitty Cafe opened in 2015 and is all about helping to re-home cats and kittens that come their way. While some actually live full time at the cafe, there are always new ones being brought in and when we went there were two kittens called Merry (grey) and Pippin (Creamy Ginger) (any LOTR fans?). Not only do you get an hour to play with these adorable cats, you can also taste some delicious food and the coffee is just as good!

As you can see from the images above Pippin tried to take a little nibble out of my cheesecake (and he was successful) before a member of the staff came over to lend a helping hand. He had managed to make his way up to us by climbing up Matt’s leg, much to our amusement. Let’s just say that he was relentless when it came to wanting the food as we saw him badgering a family across from us who had also ordered cake (sweet-tooth kittens?).

At any one time there are about 20 cats and kittens available for re-homing in the cafe, and here are just a few that we managed to snap as they were always darting about and playing with different people. I can honestly say that I would have taken any of them home! Some, however, are actual residents, such as the famous Heathcliffe pictured below (I loved the name) and is the cat that everyone wants to see:


Isn’t he gorgeous? And he was absolutely huge compared to the rest of the cats around him. Our one hour slot seemed to fly by and before we knew it, it was time to leave.

If you are ever in the area or want to experience something different, I would definitely check this place out. The staff are so friendly and make sure that you are well looked after. You can find out more about the Kitty Cafe by visiting their website here.

Let me know in the comments below if you’ve ever been to somewhere that is completely different and unique>

14 thoughts on “Visiting the Kitty Cafe in Nottingham

  1. Oh my gosh!!! Those kittens are SO ADORABLE. This sounds like such a lovely Cafe, I totally want to visit it now haha. All the cafes I’m going to visit now are going to seem so lackluster. 😂 I’m glad you had such a good experience here!

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      1. I know there are some in LA but other than that I’m not sure. I’ve heard of some in the southern states but I’ve never been. I can never choose between cats and dogs! They’re both just so cute!


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